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PEX Plumbing Products

CANPEX™ ULTRA is a PEX product with proven documented performance in chlorinated, potable water systems after extended UV exposure.

CANPEX™ UV Plus is the latest innovation. This single-layer UV resistant PEX pipe, with a class leading PEX 5306 listing, has UV protection, chlorine resistance, metal deactivation and lead-free formulation.

Heating HRH Products

Hydronic Radiant Heating Launch

CANPEX™ OXY Barrier tubing is ideally suited for HRH applications. Its light weight and flexibility makes installation of hydronic heat exchange loops fast and easy. CANPERT™ Oxygen Barrier PE-RT Pipe is the latest entrant of advanced PE Raised Temperature resin in the hydronic product line.

Geothermal Products

Seymour provides turn-key solutions for the most demanding geothermal projects by providing a complete package including the first NSF-geothermal listed tubing in Canada, fusion fittings including u-bends, and a complete set of tools and accessories. Seymour will even repair or provide refurbished tools - a benefit appreciated by many of our customers.

Water Service and Reclaimed Water Service HDPE Products

Seymour’s “blue-skin” BRUISER and “purple” High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) pipe are durable, easy to install, corrosion resistant and available in IPS and CTS sizes with 160 or 200 psi rating. With a black inner layer, both tubing products provide long-term UV protection. CANPERT™ PE-RT Reclaim Pipe is the latest entrant of advanced PE Raised Temperature resin in the reclaim service product line.