Brass Crimp Insert Fittings
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Tech Data Sheet
Brass insert fittings and rings are manufactured and certified to the requirements of ASTM F1807. All fittings and rings are marked with the F 1807 designation, PEX manufacturers mark and required mark(s) of third party certification organizations. Fittings meet the requirements of ANSI/NSF 61 for health effects and are suitable for contact with potable water. NSF International and other certification organizations conduct random on-site inspections of manufacturing facilities and independently test fittings for compliance with physical, performance and toxicological specifications.
The brass insert fittings system is extremely efficient and reliable with a 25 year history of performance in flexible plumbing systems. Simple to assemble, the system requires no glues, solders, torches or lubricants. To make a brass insert fitting connection, simply position the crimp ring and insert the fitting into the tubing. Then, crimp the ring in place with the correct size crimp tool. A permanent sealed connection is made when a copper crimp ring is compressed around the tubing, pressing the PEX into spaces between the ribs of the insert fitting.

Brass insert fittings and black copper crimp rings can be used as connections for CANPEX™ series tubing in 3/8" to 1" sizes by using a full-circle crimp tool, designed specifically for this purpose. Seymour carries a wide range of fittings to make connections, reductions or transitions to PEX tubing fixtures or other piping material. The line also features a complete selection of ball and stop valves. Brass insert fittings are manufactured from standard, DZR, or lead-free extruded or forged brass with some fittings supplied in copper. All Seymour brass insert fitting components and tools meet or exceed the requirements of ASTM standard specification F1807 because they are precision made to tight tolerances. This provides for a consistent fit with CANPEX pipe and compatibility with all SDR9 PEX tubing and fitting components from numerous manufacturers. The brass insert fitting system is a gaugeable system allowing checking of the crimp connections for proper crimp size.

The black copper crimp rings are manufactured from UNS C102200 copper alloy. Rings are annealed to 35-45 Rockwell 15T scale for ease of crimping. The black coating is not paint but a surface treatment which doesn’t add to the dimensions of the ring.

Metallic brass insert fittings are designed to be used with CANPEX series PEX tubing for hot and cold water conveyance systems operating up to 100 psi @ 180°F and 160 psi @ 73°F. Applications include, but are not limited to, potable water distribution and hydronic heating systems.

Brass insert fittings system components are interchangeable with components and tubing from other PEX suppliers provided they are manufactured to the same ASTM specifications and the manufacturer approves the mixing of components. Because Seymour has no control over the quality of other manufacturers, it does not extend any warranty to those components not supplied by Seymour.