BRUISER HDPE Water Service Pipe
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Tech Data Sheet
All BRUISER piping products are marked with the name VPFL as the manufacturer, BRUISER trade name, nominal size, design pressure and temperature ratings, relevant CSA and ASTM standard numbers, manufacturing date and production code as well as the NSF-pw stamp indicating third-party certification by NSF International.

NSF conducts random on-site inspections of our manufacturing facilities and independently tests Seymour’s BRUISER piping and tubing products for compliance with physical and toxicological standards.
BRUISER High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) blue-skinned pipe is manufactured by Seymour for your most demanding water service applications. Durable, easy to install and corrosion resistant, BRUISER polyethylene tubing comes with a 25 year limited manufacturer’s warranty.

Manufactured in SDR-9 ratio for 160 psi and 200 psi ratings, BRUISER pipe is available in 3/4" - 2" CTS-OD (Copper Tube Size - Outside Diameter controlled) sizes with a 200 psi rating in a variety of coil lengths. BRUISER pipe is also manufactured in IPS-ID (Iron Pipe Size - Inside Diameter controlled) sizes ranging from 3/4" - 2" with a 160 or 200 psi rating.

Incrementally marked, and indent printed for easy identification, BRUISER pipe is UV stabilized with sufficient carbon black ultraviolet light protection to meet the cell classification 345464C per ASTM D 3350. This adds additional UV protection for up to five years of outdoor exposure. In addition, its outer blue layer contains pigments and ultraviolet stabilizers to meet the cell classification 345464E per ASTM D 3350 and meets the colour-coding requirements of some industry standards.

BRUISER pipe is recommended for use in cold water service, water well and underground irrigation systems. Since both layers are UV protected, BRUISER can be stored outdoors in direct sunlight for up to five years with no change to its pressure rating or expected in-service performance. For fittings, refer to national installation standards and guidelines.