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Improving upon the durable and flexible components of existing PEX tubing, we created CANPEX™ (cross-linked polyethylene) tubing by successfully adding maximum UV and chlorine protection. This permanent chemical change gives CANPEX™ UV Plus and CANPEX™ ULTRA more advantages over other PEX piping materials.

Consistently, Seymour produces the highest quality PEX product you'll find in the North American market.
Our product line includes:

  • CANPEX™ single and multi-layer flexible PEX tubing
    with extended UV and chlorine protection
  • CANPEX™ OXY barrier tubing
    for all-in-one hydronic radiant heating systems
  • Brass and Poly-Alloy engineered plastic insert crimp fittings
  • GEO-Black polyethylene geothermal heat exchange loops & transfer piping
    exceeds the stringent 5000 HR ESCR test
  • Water service and reclaim service piping
    with long-term UV protection

Innovative - Leading the Way
Seymour’s sales personnel continuously provide our innovation team with feedback on both product and service. This ensures our products are on the cutting edge.

In an industry heavily regulated, developing a new product requires years of investment in research and perseverance. We don't shy away from the challenge of continuous improvement. Three years in the making, our CANPEX UV Plus is the first single layer PEX pipe rated PEX 5306.

Responsible - Walking the Talk
We’re proud to be minimizing our ecological footprint on the environment with common sense choices to reduce, reuse and recycle. In our office and our plant, we've been reducing waste since day one - it’s just good business.

When selecting suppliers and in-house production techniques which are sustainable, we consciously:

  • choose a manufacturer delivering resin in reusable metal containers
  • use re-circulated water for extrusion cooling
  • refill HDPE resin via an on-site silo
  • shred plastic waste and reuse in other composite building products
  • use silane (water-based) method of cross-linking